Saturday, October 28, 2006

Sunday Times reports on Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynacecologists proposal to treat people as though they never existed

This is utterly horrifying and shouldn't go unrecorded: The Sunday Times reports that the RCOG has drawn up guidelines recommending that "babies born alive at less than 22 weeks gestation should be treated as if they had never existed, even if they breathe, move or their heart beats."

Ultrasound pioneer Professor Stuart Campbell is quoted as saying: “If the foetus is making respiratory efforts, its heart is beating and it is moving its limbs then it is born alive. This seems like trying to deny the truth of what is happening”.

The Royal College story stinks on so many levels - the Orwellian distortion of the truth, the insult to the intelligence of every person in our democracy (democracy where we are supposed not to receive the state falsified line but to know the truth) that a professional body can deny basic biology, the human rights abuse of creating non-persons, the cover up of a crime (infanticide) for these children that die in hospital, and the abuse of the professional medical code of ethics they represent.

Where is the public, parliamentary and media outcry? Isn't this a more urgent cause then possible risks and dangers of ID cards that everyone gets so worked up about?

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